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[ih] KA9Q and Gandalf Technologies

Tony Finch writes:

> I was wondering what effect KA9Q had on low-end adoption. I turned up
> later, but I remember stories from early (1992 ish) dial-up commercial
> Internet users who relied on KA9Q.

A (perhaps) little known historical side note, Gandalf Technologies
(makers of the infamous PACX), licensed Phil's code to use as the
basis of their attempt to move from serial terminal<->host multiplexing
(the PACX was just a big RS-232 crossbar switch) to gaining a
foothold in the rapidly evolving TCP-based terminal server space.

Sadly, the company never made the transition.  But, before their
demise, their line driver modems connected a hell of a lot of remote
terminals and RJE stations to mainframes and mini's all across
Canada (at least).