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[ih] When the words Internet was design to survive a nuclear war appeared for the first time?

when did people start saying that or what was the reason they said that?

fwiw - I just gave a talk on the latter 


a video will be posted at some point on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/BerkmanCenter under 2018-2019 talks


> On Feb 14, 2019, at 8:44 AM, Alejandro Acosta <alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
>   Today I was reading some news about Internet and in one of them I
> found the phrase (that all of you have listened before):  "Internet
> (ARPANET) was intended to survive a nuclear war", however, as far as I
> know, this is kind of a myth, right?, ARPANET was intended as a research
> network and the "war" part if very far away from the thuth.
>   My question would be: when the words "designed to survive a nuclear
> war" appeared for the first time?
> Thanks,
> Alejandro,
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