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[ih] The history of "This" network?

On 2/12/2019 12:37 PM, Alex McKenzie wrote:
> If you want to know about NCP, see RFC # 6529.? The NCP spec was not 
> originally an RFC, since it was a specification, not a "request" for 
> comments.

Lots of early RFCs were specifications.  FTP and Telnet, for example. 
And NCP was developed by the same community, wasn't it?

And there are 3 sub-100 RFCs talking about NCP.  So it's interesting the 
the protocol itself didn't make it into the series back then.

Methinks there might be something interesting to explore, to improve the 
general sense of activities amongst that community back then.  (I do not 
for a moment expect this to have a political aspect, but suspect there 
might be some group dynamic to understand, or just plain happenstance.)

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking