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[ih] Run TENEX in emulation?


Thanks for your suggestions regarding UNIX-based development tools as
an alternative to the TENEX-based ones we used in the 1970's.  I do
have a MACRO-11 running on my MacBook, but it does not implement the
extensions to the macro capabilities that we used widely in the EPOS
sources and it does not produce relocatable output.  I also can use
the UNIX V6 tools (running on a simh PDP11) for assembly or C code and
then convert to LDA binary format with a program named atolda, similar
to what your group did.  That was how the folks at Lincoln Lab
developed EPOS-based gateway software for the Wideband Satellite
Network.  I could also make an a.out loader for EPOS as an
alternative like your group later did.

The most sorely missed piece is the Link11 linker.  It allowed
configuration of PSECTs into multiple address spaces.  It also
produced symbol tables in an exended format for out debugger.  In
theory I could reimplement such a linker from scratch, and perhaps in
less time than it would take to search for the original tools, but I
don't have a spec for it.

                                                        -- Steve