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[ih] internet-future mailing list ?

Hi, Toerless, 

On 2019-12-16 10:40, Toerless Eckert via Internet-history wrote:

> I was wondering why there is no "internet-future" discussion list 
> here on elists.isoc.org given how there is an "internet-history" mailing list.

I started the latter many years go at ISI to help support a community
that was somewhat tangential to the end2end-interst list hosted there. 

It took quite a bit if help to get things setup here for that one list.
The end2end-interest list - where future Internet ideas were previously
discussed many different times - was shut down due to many years of

> I would appreciate if there was such a list for interested parties.

Others can pursue this if desired, but I won't be leading the charge. As
noted, the end2end-interest list died out because of many years of
inactivity. My experience with future Internet discussions is that they
get overrun by 'flavor of the week' ideas that have infected the NSF and
DARPA over the years, motivated more by posturing and (self)promotion
than actual content. 

> Especially given how i have seen a lot of postings in internet-history
> being also good reminder about yet not/badly-resolved issues. Those
> things will not find the eyes&ears of forward looking internet
> contributors because many seem to thin there is nothing to be learned
> from history and would not track an "internet-history" mailing list.

Agreed, but how would a new list solve that? (see my observation above;
in some sense, this list exists separate from the other exactly because
of the different motivations you note) 

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