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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

    > From: Jack Haverty

    > But I disagree with Vint - that still looks like Dave Clark to me.

Definitely Dave, I think.

    > Who else might it be...?

Looks a bit like Brian Carpenter, but he showed up much later.

    > Still not sure who is kneeling either.

Looks familiar, but I can't place him....

    >> Would there perhaps have been meetings before this that didn't get
    >> into the IEN series?

    > There were *lots* of other meetings through the 70s and 80s. Some were
    > within the general umbrella of the ARPA "Internet project"

I was thinking of the period before the ARPA TCP project got started; were
there any meetings of note in that period?