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Re: [ih] Dude who claimed he invented email is told by judge: It's safe to say you didn't invent email • The Register

Ayyadurai should sue Harder for allowing him to think he had even a hint of a case. Even if the facts are as he alleged (which they aren?t), he still loses because the 1st Amendment protects trolling (?hyperbole?). 

The most interesting part of the opinion to me was the question of jurisdiction because that applies in all Internet cases. It?s unfortunate that the judge had to go with Mass law instead of Cali law, because Mass law is pretty bad in these cases. Strangely, it protects lobbying but not free speech. 

It?s also really cool to see Harder lose because he was the scumbag lawyer in the Gawker case. Dude?s not exactly a graceful loser.


> On Sep 10, 2017, at 11:44 AM, John R. Levine <johnl at iecc.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Sep 2017, Joly MacFie wrote:
>> With Thiele?s deep pockets, why not?
> Ayyadurai claims he is funding this case and I believe him. For one thing, he can afford it, for antother, nobody else with any money cares.  (Thiel had a long standing grudge against Gawker.)
>>>> Yes, Ars Technica said that.  The decision is closely reasoned and
>>>> it's hard for me to see on what basis Harder (the lawyer) would appeal
>>>> other than bluster.
>>> That the lawyer wants to sell more hours in a case like this that is so
>>> popular?
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