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[ih] BBN C-series computers

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 2:27 PM, Jack Haverty <jack at 3kitty.org> wrote:

> The history of TCP implementations was driven by non-technical forces
> too.  As the saying goes -- "Follow the money."
> ARPA paid for the development of most if not all of the very early TCP
> implementations: the BBN-TENEX and LSI-11 for the Packet Radio project,
> my own PDP-11/40 Unix implementation as part of a Network Security
> research program, Sax/Edmond's HP-3000 code, Braden's IBM work at UCLA,
> Clark/Chiappa at MIT, Mills LSI-11 at UDel, and Gurwitz Vax
> implementation.  Probably more I've forgotten.  Wingfield's PDP-11/70
> was funded, IIRC, by DCEC, the research arm of DCA - so it represented a
> tiny step from the research/ARPA world into the operational side.
> ARPA also paid for development of OSes, in particular BSD.  As the TCP
> implementations were completed, ARPA stopped funding further
> TCP-specific work
While I generally agree with Jack's note, I have one correction.  ARPA did
not stop funding further TCP-specific work at the end of this list.  ARPA
continued the BBN TCP project (originally Jack's project, then managed by
Rob Gurwitz, then handed to me) until either 1989 or 1991-2.  Most of the
was with the TCP/IP code but not specifically on TCP but other enhancements
such as IP multicast.



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