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[ih] vm vs. memory

In article <59EF79D0.2060906 at redbarn.org> you write:
>> Hmm... what are the redeeming qualities of NAT ?
>every other attempt to add rapid renumbering and transparent multihoming 
>has been rejected. NAT, by not trying to do those things and by not 
>saying it would do those things, snuck under the defenses.

There's also the fact that for most practical purposes, NAT just
works, and IPv6 still doesn't.

I never have any trouble getting my devices to work behind a NAT.  I
have trouble all the time getting them to work (particularly to work
reliably) on IPv6, even behind routers I control.


PS: I realize this is an ongoing sore point so in the interest
of conciseness, I won't be responding to any explanations about
why my IPv6 problems either don't exist or are my own fault.