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[ih] Free to a good home...

I need to clear some shelf space, so I'd be happy to send the following
ephemera to a new home, if anybody here is interested or can suggest
a suitable archive. I'd much prefer that to the recycling bin.
In chronological order:

J. Howlett, Report of the National Committee on Computer Networks, Department of Industry, London, October 1978.

J.H. Rutledge, OSI And SNA: A Perspective, IBM Washington Systems Center, Technical Bulletin GG22-9225, April 1981.

B.J. Nelson, Remote Procedure Call, Xerox PARC CSL-81-9, May 1981 (Bruce Nelson's Ph.D. dissertation at CMU, as republished by PARC).

Anonymous, Internet Transport Protocols, Xerox System Integration Standard XSIS 028112, December 1981 (XNS, not TCP/IP).

Anonymous, The Ethernet: A Local Area Network Data Link Layer and Physical Layer Specifications, Version 2, Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, Xerox, AA-K759B-TK, November 1982 ("DIX Ethernet", before it went to IEEE).

P. Gladman (editor), Packet Switch Stream: A Basic Guide and Directory, British Telecom, August 1983 (commercial X.25 service).

Anonymous, Digital's Networks: An Architecture with a Future, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1984.

D. Oran (editor), Highlights from 25 years of the Computer Communication Review, CCR Volume 25 Number 1, January 1995.

   Brian Carpenter