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[ih] TWX and Telex, was Obscure e-mail systems

On 3/17/2016 15:26, John Levine wrote:
>> Hey... I learned to type on an ASR33, and they made very good computer
>> terminals, for a lot of years. :-)
> I learned to type on a manual typewriter with blank keycaps, but I
> also did a lot of typing on an ASR-33.  I could read the holes in the
> tape visually pretty well.
> On the other hand, I have to note that an ASR-33 would have been used
> for TWX, not Telex.  A Telex would use an ASR-32 or more likely an
> older and sturdier model 28.

Not to be argumentative, but I think a TWX Would almost certainly have 
been a 14, 15, or 19 and maybe an occasional 28.

The odds are that a DTWX machine would have been from the same set in 
the early days, but there were no doubt 3x and 4x machines as time and I 
went on.

Out of that same era there might be cause to mention any of a number of 
leased-line networks that had a variety of address structures from the 
ornate airlines systems (UAL, DAL, ATA) down through the 81B1 and 83B1 
systems by the hundreds (or thousands?) (some with interchange 
"gateways" between autonomous networks) to the State of California torn 
tape network.

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