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[ih] The Atlantic on Email

On 16/03/2016 04:26, Johan Helsingius wrote:
>> there was also the little problem of inverting the UK domain
>> names from uk.ac.ucl.cs to cs.ucl.ac.uk
> Yes, we at EUnet actually had a node in Czechoslovakia, using the
> short-lived .cs ccTLD. We had some mail routing issues between
> them and our UK node at UKC...

Around the same time at CERN, we were dealing with Oracle UK, whose
address was uk.oracle.com, but some mail gateway (probably our own)
insisted on sending the mesages to com.oracle.uk. We had so many
JANET users on site that the heuristic starting "if the first address
field is 'uk', reverse the domain name" was usually correct.