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[ih] The Atlantic on Email

that was the uucp mapping project - originally to provide data for pathalias

see attached


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that both were used in Internet mail.  Of course, "!" was used in uucp
routing "bang paths" (not on the Internet except as the
pseudo-local-part associated with a gateway)

I'm reasonably sure I know people who did uucp over TCP/IP, but for
most of us, the faster we could get rid of our bang paths the better.

For several years there was a project that maintained a distributed
uucp connection database so if you sent mail to decvax!bob or
bob at decvax.uucp<mailto:bob at decvax.uucp>, your MTA could rewrite it to

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The original data was collected by Steve Bellovin but he sort
of gave up at some point. I think that Peter Honeyman did some collecting
back then also.

At that time I was running wjh12 as a internet/uucp/bitnet gateway.
I needed some better data. So I:
1/ had a programmer here rig up a scan-the-news-headers program
to get an operating base
2/ sent out:
a) a posting to some newsgroup asking for the info
b) letters to usenet & root at all nodes that I
had found by scanning headers
c) then to all nodes found in the new data

When I started the process I got calls from Rob Kolstad & Mark Horton
Rob offered to help in the data gathering, we agreed to have
him start at one end of the alphebet & me at the other.

Mark was about to do the same thing, Rob & I agreed to pass on
the data to Mark as we got it done.

After the 1st full pass, Rob & I passed all operations over to Mark & the
mapping project.

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