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[ih] Saving our history

On 3/9/2016 12:00 PM, internet-history-request at postel.org wrote:
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> Couple of ideas..this might sound very nerdy, but there _is_ actually
> layers upon
> layers of technology and interaction with users/information sources that
> just
> wait to be documented and presented
> ...
> -Core internet tecnologies
>   -TCP/IP
>   -Address space usage and development
>   -IPv4/v6
>   -Routing from static routes to present day
>   -Services.. telnet, smtp, gopher, http, internet streaming
>   -History of the engineering..RFC:s, IETF
>   -Spesific exhibit on the birth of WWW and associated technolgies
>   -History of browsers
> -Internet streaming, from early trials to the Multicast Backbone to present
> day

FWIW, I have been working on a document that includes (my personal view 
of) some of
these core technologies.
> -Important persons on internet development and operations like Joe
> Postel..how they
>   got involved, their ethos

I cannot claim to be an "important person ... like Jon Postel",  but my 
document tries
to portray the ethos of the Internet research community, as  I observed it.

Bob Braden
USC Information Sciences Institute