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[ih] Pre-internet 50 baud connections circa 1967

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On 3/9/2016 12:21 PM, Ian Peter wrote:

> I received the following interesting message from New Zealand last
> week - can anyone give any more information on this?
> "A basic 50 baud Military International network was established in
> NZDF back in 1967 from Main Signals Centre in Wellington NZ sending
> messages to Australia, UK, & USA. I recall addresses started with
> RPYxxx and were sent either on tape, teleprinter or from TopSecret
> KW encryption valve equipment (6L6's)."
> (If it's top secret and you cant talk about it until 50 years have
> elapsed, just let me know that you will reply next year!)
> Ian Peter

I recall working on KW-7s back in the early 1980's while in the U.S.
Army, which were rated for somewhere in the neighborhood of 50wpm of
teletype traffic:


The KW-7 was truly a boat anchor, but a boat anchor that worked for a
long time in the field. It went through several iterations of using
different keying formats, including paper tape, a breadboard permuter
plug, and also a punch card.

The device itself was never classified above 'confidential' -- only
the traffic and the keying material itself were classified above that. :
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