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[ih] Do you recofnize anyone in tghis picgure??

On Wed, 17 Feb 2016, Bob Braden wrote:

> I have been asked to identify the people in this picture. It was taken many
> years ago at ISI. This bunch  is just scruffy enough to be Internet folks.
> Are you, or any of your friends, in this picture??

This photo was taken in what was then the 12th floor southwest corner
conference room at ISI.

Clockwise from 12:00, the people are:

John Heafner
Lee Richardson
Tom Ellis
not sure, maybe Lloyd Jensen
Jerry Pipes
Bob Balzer
Lou Gallenson
Richard Bisbey
not sure, maybe Jim Carlstedt
Gerhard (Gary) Albert - Business Office
not sure, maybe Martin Yonke or David Wilczynski
Donald Oestreicher
Ralph London

> (For the record, I think I recognize a couple of people here. I suspect this
> was pre-1984.)

This photo was published in the March, 1973 issue of USC Engineer, a
32-page magazine published by students of the School of Engineering at

The complete list of ISI personnel from the ISI Annual Report, May
1972 - May 1973, is as follows, in case this jogs some memories.  (I
joined ISI in September, 1973.)

Research Staff:

Robert H. Anderson
Robert M. Balzer
Richard L. Bisbey II
Thomas L. Boynton
Jim Carlstedt
Thomas O. Ellis
Stuart C. Feigin
Louis Gallenson
Donald I. Good
John F. Heafner
Thomas N. Hibbard
Ernest M. Hinds
Robert E. Hoffman
Gopal K. Kadekodi
Nake M. Kamrany
Bennet P. Lientz
Ralph L. London
Raymond L. Mason
John T. Melvin
Donald R. Oestreicher
Robert H. Parker
Elliot A. Ponchick
Leroy C. Richardson
Guner S. Robinson
Keith W. Uncapher
Albert L. Zobrist


Michael Boretsky
Alexander F. Brewer
Vernon Edwards
Ronald Kaplan
Martin J. Kay
Gerald J. Popek
Jack Rosenberg

Research Support Staff:

Gerhard W. Albert
R. Jacque Bruninga
George W. Dietrich
Dorothy M. Fischer
Oralio E. Garza
Judy Gustafson
Patricia A. Hagedorn
Laurie J. Haron
Chloe S. Holg
Mary J. Jaskula
Lloyd G. Jensen
Rose L. Kattlove
G. Nelson Lucas
Jerry Pipes
Judith E. Speer
Sandra F. Whitaker
Ruth White

Research Assistants:

Robert W. Lingard
John M. Malcolm
Nadine E. Malcolm
David Wilczynski
Martin D. Yonke

Student Aides:

Raymond L. Bates
Danny L. Charlesworth
Ronald L. Currier
Jimmy T. Koda
Kyle Lemmons
Virginia E. Sato

                                                        -- Steve