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[ih] Found on Twitter: a map of the Internet from 1973

The origin of the famous hand-drawn first map is unclear.? Many of us think it was probably drawn by Jon Postel, but Jon had died before the question of its origin became interesting to most people.? When Peter Salus was writing his book "Casting the Net" he wanted to use that map, but his publisher insisted on a signed release from the author.? Peter approached me at some conference and asked if I knew who the author was.? I suggested Jon, and Peter sighed because Jon had already died and therefore it would be impossible to get a release from him.? So I offered to redraw the map from memory on the spot and then sign a release to Peter.? For that reason some versions of the hand-drawn map are attributed to me.

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On Sun, 11 Dec 2016, Noel Chiappa wrote:

>? ? > Did they all come from BBN?
> All the ARPANet ones, yes, I m pretty sure (except for a few early ones,
> maybe).

The famous first one was hand drawn by Jon Postel, as I recall.

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