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[ih] John McCrea in Medium

On 30/11/2015 06:49, Joly MacFie wrote:
> Couple of good yarns about the early days of the Web
> https://medium.com/@johnmccrea/the-web-s-very-first-industry-event-535ceb52117d

"Though it had been preceded by a decidedly academic First International WWW Conference (with fewer than 400 participants) some
six months earlier at CERN,..."


Missed that one. After all, HTTP was only an application and we had the CERN
network to run. I believe we supported some live streaming over the MBONE.

iirc, there was a strict attendance limit for CERN staff because of the size
of CERN's main auditorium. But even if it was "decidedly academic", it did
have commercial support (DEC, Sun, SCO).


> https://medium.com/@johnmccrea/20-years-ago-the-early-web-product-line-that-almost-wasn-t-47bb35cee909
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