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[ih] Flaws, corrections, and updates.

Dear colleagues,

This is a request to members of this list who may have read my book,
'A History of the Internet and the Digital Future', to suggest flaws,
serious omissions, or other problems that they have with it.

My publisher has asked me to write an updated edition. If I do write
an update I would like to make sure I get it right.

An example of criticisms the book has received so far: not giving
Louis Pouzin's group adequate coverage. Perhaps people who have read
the book agree?
Dave Crocker's review in the Cisco Journal highlighted an issue with
how it approached CSNet, and picks up on mistakes I made concerning
the Domain Name System, and - as others have done - criticises the
book's rather utopian view of the future (see

If you have read the book then your insight on what can be improved
would be greatly appreciated.



Dr Johnny Ryan

Praise for 'A History of the Internet and the Digital Future'
"Consider this book your road map" -Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce -
Forbes' most innovative company in the world 2013)
"An immensely important book" -Kevin O'Sullivan (Editor of The Irish Times)
"Engrossing" -Cory Doctorow (BoingBoing)
"Enormously useful" -Prof Tim Wu (Columbia Law School)

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