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[ih] Any suggestions for first uses of "e-mail" or "email"?

Assuming that they're looking for a published reference, I expect that 
we're talking literature that predates stuff that's easily findable on 
the web - old journal articles, technical documentation, science 
fiction, maybe a transcript of talk by or interview with someone like 
Vannevar Bush, Licklider, or Doug Engelbart (maybe one of those Cerf or 
Kahn guys).

A lot of that stuff is online - but not easily searchable (e.g., the PDF 
document collection at bitsavers), older articles that have been scanned 
as images from microfiche, and such.

It occurs to me that there's this search outfit, I believe the name is 
Google, that might be able to help dig through some of that stuff. :-)

Miles Fidelman

Vint Cerf wrote:
> Oxford English Dictionary looking for early usage of the term "email"
> http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2015/07/oed-appeals-email/
>         Before email was email it was electronic mail. Although
>         the shorter form is by far the more common name today, the full
>         form electronic mail of course came first (otherwise how would
>         anybody know what the 'e' meant?). It was only as people became
>         more familiar with the system that they could shorten this to
>         the snappier email. E- is now used in this way to form a
>         plethora of technology words such as e-commerce and e-book, but
>         email is where it all began.  The OED currently has a first
>         quotation for electronic mail in this sense from 1975; the
>         shorter email is first attested four years later, in 1979.
>         Although this doesn't seem like a very large gap in time, it
>         seems unlikely that the 1979 quotation represents the coinage of
>         email, taken as it is from a professional journal: 1979
>         Electronics 7 June 63 (heading) Postal Service pushes ahead with
>         E-mail.
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