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[ih] Why did congestion happen at all? Re: why did CC happen at all?

It was two hours in the morning just "before work".

At 06:40 AM 9/1/2014, John Day wrote:
>Was it 6-8 am?  I thought (and don't know why) that you guys had all 
>night: midnight to 8.  ;-)  At Illinois because we were at one of 
>the jump off points between the East and West Coast subnets and 
>being only an hour behind you, we tended to see it when things 
>weren't quite back to normal at 8am EST.  ;-)
>There was a "Net's acting funny, must be Tuesday"  ;-) saying.  The 
>West Coast guys probably didn't see it often since generally by late 
>morning things were back to normal.
>At 10:26 PM -0400 8/31/14, Bernie Cosell wrote:
>>On 31 Aug 2014 at 20:54, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>>>  Dave Crocker wrote:
>>>  > My other understanding is that the extent of the direct benefit to
>>>  users
>>>  > wasn't quite anticipated, which made it increasingly difficult to
>>>  make
>>>  > changes to the net that could bring it down.  So it was a few years
>>>  > before they had to start explicitly scheduling time slots for
>>>  experiments.
>>>  I got to BBN a few years later, but my sense is that what was really
>>>  unanticipated was the amount of operational use, by military types,
>>>  which led pretty directly to the DDN.
>>Dave's right: there were many "untested" technologies that went into the
>>ARPAnet and it was expected that there'd be an extended period in which
>>it'd be flaky, tests would crash it regularly, etc.  It was a surprise
>>that when it was turned on it just kind of worked, which quickly changed
>>the focus of the work on it.  There were still experiments run, but the
>>emphasis switched to "well, now we've got this damn thing, what are we
>>going to *do* with it".
>>I think the "operational" use came less with military types than with
>>"business" types -- clerks, secretaries, etc.  People were doing real,
>>routine work over the ARPAnet and very quickly were expecting it just to
>>"be up",  Same thing with experiments being run [distributed OS,
>>encrypted speech, etc]: the fact of the ARPAnet _just_working_ was almost
>>taken for granted.
>>I can't remember any more [maybe Dave does] but we had something like a
>>two hour slot once a week in which we could tinker with the IMP code
>>[something like 6-8AM on Tuesdays??]
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