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[ih] Where is VJCC? Re: O.k., so BSD 4.3 Tahoe is the version of interest.

Am 28.05.2014 14:32, schrieb Louis Mamakos:
> While I was a little late to the party (our TCP didn?t start to get
> written until early 1981), I don?t recall any discussion of GBN at the
> time.  Perhaps that was a term of art invented later to describe all
> this.  The retransmission mechanism was to send unacknowledged data
> from the "left window edge? of the TCP ?send window?.  By definition,
> that?s where all of the unacknowledged data in the sliding window
> existed.
> The decision of how much data to send was implementation specific.  I
> can?t imagine sending less than a whole TCP MSS on a retransmission
> attempt. 

As far as I had a glance at the sources yesterday late in the evening
(or today, early in the morning ;-)) this seems to be avoided.
(In the context of the "silly window syndrome".)
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