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[ih] The History of Protocol R&D?

has anyone mentioned the GENI and FIND programs at NSF? OpenFlow emerged
from the FIND effort. GENI is a major laboratory facility for experimenting
with new protocols.


On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 7:04 AM, Craig Partridge <craig at aland.bbn.com>wrote:

> Hi Jack:
> Some quick answers.
> >    - "How do researchers now do protocol R&D, and validate a new idea by
> >    measurements in the live Internet?"
> The answer depends on whether you are trying to measure stuff on the
> current
> Internet or trying to innovate new protocols for the Internet.  If you are
> measuring in the current network, measurements are done much as they always
> have been, by instrumenting boxes and end systems.  The challenge is that
> fewer folks have open access to the boxes and end systems and access is
> often limited by confidentiality agreements.  This sometimes leads to
> situations where a researcher has access to a valuable data set but doesn't
> know what questions to ask of it (i.e. right data, wrong researcher).
> Most of this kind of measurement work is published at the Internet
> Measurement
> Conference.
> If you are trying to innovate new protocols, the community has developed
> some large-scale test infrastructure: PlanetLab is an example, as is GENI.
> Some of these infrastructures allow you to run repeatable experiments,
> others
> do not.
> >    - "What have been the results over the life of The Internet so far?"
> You'd have to narrow the question -- the volume of what has been learned
> is large.  And we'd probably search for the answer in the IMC proceedings.
> Thanks!
> Craig
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