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[ih] internet-history Digest, Vol 84, Issue 11

On 5/21/2014 1:14 PM, internet-history-request at postel.org wrote:
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> That's it! Again, note the focus on 'hey, we gotta get the user's data there
> as fast as we can'.
That is basically a correct statement of our focus. And the narrowness 
of our vision (we were really
groping in the dark in an unmapped territory) is well illustrated by our 
surprise to discover the Silly
Window Syndrome.

I haven't read Nagle's thing, but that would also be interesting to look 
at, to see how much we understood at that point.

We were of course aware of Nagle's conclusions at the time, but I don't 
think I actually read his RFC on congestion collapse until a few
months ago. It is well worth reading.


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