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[ih] And I thought _I_ was crazy...

    > From: Miles Fidelman <mfidelman at meetinghouse.net>

    > Then again:
    > ...
    > telnet://xkleten.paulallen.com

TWENEX. Blech. Try:



    > Real, LIVE PDP-10s!

Over the net, how can you tell it's not an emulator? :-)

    > (Now what I really want is a PDP-1!).

I think the only real ones left are at the Computer History Museum, of which
one is actually working:


but if an emulated one will do you (and I'm totally happy with an emulated
PDP-11 to run V6 Unix on, enjoying myself no end fiddling with it :-), there's


(and apologies if you already knew of it).