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[ih] SAIL vending machine

On 5/17/2014 10:06 AM, Elizabeth Feinler wrote:
> I remember at one point it was stocked daily with pot stickers from Louie's Chinese restaurant. 

In fact on one visit out there from grad school, your crew introduced me
to pot stickers and 'ant climb tree' at Louies and you guys mentioned
that the pot stickers were available in the vending machine.

Those pot stickers remain among the best I've ever had.

But I immediately went to the operations question of how to keep the
machine stocked and you guys said that anyone at SAIL who noticed that
re-stocking was needed merely called Louie for a refill.

I then asked the obvious next question, which was how the pot stickers
traveled from Louies to SAIL and you said there was always someone from
SAIL eating at Louies, so whoever was there would take them back.

On it's face, that's a pretty unbelievable scenario -- there was
/always/ someone from SAIL there???  So of course during our meal, a
call came in and indeed, someone from SAIL was just finishing up,
getting ready to head back...


Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking