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[ih] Internet milestone - The Refrigerator Strikes Back (Jack Haverty)

>> You don't.  The question is what moron allowed kitchen appliances to
>> be remotely reprogrammed?
>i think that after the last ten years, it ought to be the case that any
>vendor who allows to be deployed an internet-connected device that is
>not field upgradeable (for security patches) and is not automatically
>lifetime-supported (for security patches) should be tried for crimes
>against humanity. CPE vendors, i'm looking at *you*.
>that said, i'd prefer that only the vendor be able to patch this stuff.

I would certainly be willing to make an exception for
cryptographically signed vendor security updates.

The vendors would hate this, but I'd also like some sort of
communications kill switch for things like refrigerators.  My fridge
has gotten along just fine for the past 15 years without telling me
how many eggs I have, and I expect that yours (for some version of
you) can continue peforming its core functions just fine without
exchanging IP packets with anyone.