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[ih] why did CC happen at all?

I'm yet to understand the sitch from the ARPAnet to the Internet in
1983, however, if this happened that way, that an Internet host sent a
message to its peer using the "message switching system" (may I call it
that way?) in the ARPAnet, CC would be an "impossible fact".

(Some German readers might enjoy this little text here:

In the ARPAnet, congestion was avoided by flow control - and in fact,
actually, there is nothing like "congestion" when networks are
implemented correctly.

To my understanding, "congestion" is an excuse for missing (or botched)
flow control.

So, what was the scenario, VJ describes in the congavoid paper? Up to
know, I always thought, the ARPAnet infrastructure was still in use,
although adopted by the Internet protocol stack, but I thought, IP
datagrams were sent like ARPAnet messages?


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