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[ih] FC vs CC Re: [e2e] Fwd: Re: Once again buffer bloat and CC. Re: A Cute Story. Or: How to talk completely at cross purposes. Re: When was Go Back N adopted by TCP

    > From: "James P.G. Sterbenz" <jpgs at ittc.ku.edu>

    > I cover all of NPL, Cyclades, and ARPANET in my networking courses;
    > while ARPANET won as the direct architectural predecessor to the
    > Internet, the others were seminal research peers.

Actually, I would only describe the ARPANET as the _operational_ predecessor
to the Internet; for the "architectural predecessor" of _all_ internetworking
systems, I would look to CYCLADES/CIGALE.

We did use the ARPANET in building the Internet, both as a tool (to exchange
e-mail, files, etc) and also also the WAN communication substrate (a role for
which it was IMO quite badly suited, for reasons I won't elaborate unless
people want to hear them). And of course we took over the _applications_
(e-mail, file transfer, remote login, etc) more or less whole.

But architecturally, with the move of key functionality into the end-points,
the Internet took a very different path from the ARPANET - a path pioneered

BTW, in "all internetworking systems", I would include PUP, which might also
be worth covering briefly, since I gather the PUP guys did influence TCP/IP
somewhat - the exact level would be an interesting historical research
project for someone...