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[ih] Images from 70s and 80s?

Hi - 

I'm writing an article for IEEE Spectrum on the history of OSI, which should run in the August 2013 issue, and the editor would like some images from the 1970s and/or 1980s to add some life to the story.  So - does anyone have pictures from the 1970s or 1980s that are from OSI meetings, or other networking standards-related activities such as IAB or IETF meetings?  It's important (for obvious reasons) that you hold the copyright, and that you'd be willing to sign it over to IEEE Spectrum.  

Thanks in advance, and please contact me off-list if you've got something you want to share.  The editor also is interested in using a few quotations, also to add some life to the story - but I know that's stirring up a hornet's nest with this crowd :-)  Nevertheless, please do send any reflections you'd like to share, particularly if you can indicate the nature and scope of your involvement with OSI.