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[ih] History of Flaming


the smaller the bandwidth the less flaming, me thinks :-)-O UUCP
with 9600/2400/1200/300 baud *DID* exist in the very distant past...


on 2013-05-16 12:14 Ioannis Korovesis said the following:
> On 05/16/2013 01:46 PM, Laboha wrote:
>> Hi, I'm new to this mailing list.  I'm a German technology
>> journalist and blogger.  I'm very much interested in the history
>> of internet, that is why I joined this list.  I'm currently
>> working on an article about the history of flaming or flame wars.
>> I have found several, but mostly after 1985.  I had difficulties
>> to find examples of flaming earlier - any tipps on that?  
>> Boris
> This phenomenon arose in earlier networks such as BITNET, USENET, also 
> see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_%28Internet%29
> yannis

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