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[ih] Arpanet directory

I think Noel Chiappa has a bunch of them, but not online.  Mine is 
from 1978 and I know it wasn't the first one I got.  There were 3 or 
4 before that at least.

At 9:49 AM -0400 3/19/13, Bernie Cosell wrote:
>For reasons that I'm not quite sure of, the "Arpanet Directory" has
>surfaced.  [I think someone mentioned it, it got propagated on FB and,
>well....].   I tried poking through it on google books but apparently
>only very limited snippets are available.  Anyone know if the whole thing
>is online somewhere?  Also, the one at google books is from 1982.  They
>were available MUCH before that [I wish I'd kept some of my old
>    /Bernie\
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