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[ih] Fwd: [IP] OSI: The Internet That Wasn't

At 4:58 PM -0400 7/30/13, John Day wrote:
>At 4:54 PM -0400 7/30/13, Vint Cerf wrote:
>>telenet led he development of x.25 (Larry Roberts and Barry 
>>Wessler) along with the British Post Office, the French Reseau 
>>Communication par Paquet from CNET (Remi Despres) and Dave(?) 
>>Horton of DATAPAC in Canada.
>Right, Dave Horton.  I was trying to remember that name.

I should explain.  DATAPAC's coming out was at ICCC76 in Toronto. We 
were whisked across the street from the Royal York Hotel (it may have 
been a couple of blocks) for fancy whiz-bang film, all out demo of 
DATAPAC.  But at the conference, I remember Horton giving a talk on 
Datapac and someone asking him what he would think of people 
marketing PADs (X.25 Terminal Concentrators).  (It is important to 
understand that in CCITT think the PAD had been defined to be part of 
the network rather than as a limited function host and not "part of 
the network."  It was clear that they were using the phone company 
beads-on-a-string model to define markets.)  Horton in a moment of 
candor replied emphatically, "Not Very Much!"


>>On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 10:47 AM, John Day 
>><<mailto:jeanjour at comcast.net>jeanjour at comcast.net> wrote:
>>Yea, the PTTs in Europe were pretty clueless in general.  There is 
>>very little way that they could have known much about the ARPANET 
>>experience, nor would they have listened if they could.  Remember 
>>the reaction ATT had to the ARPANET at ICCC '72.  They thought it 
>>was a joke.  Not an uncommon reaction to those in an old paradigm 
>>not seeing the elements of a new one in the first stages of 
>>I have heard rumors that the Telenet guys had considerable input 
>>into X.25 but I don't know if that was true.  Remi Despres wrote a 
>>fairly long article on it in IEEE Annals of Computing History.
>>At 10:07 AM -0400 7/30/13, Bernie Cosell wrote:
>>On 30 Jul 2013 at 9:27, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>>  ------- forwarded -----
>>  IEEE Spectrum just published online, titled "OSI: The Internet That
>>  Wasn't."  OSI, of course, is the acronym for Open Systems
>>  Interconnection.
>>Interesting stuff.  I had virtually no interaction with the
>>"International" stuff except for one thing: at some point [I can't
>>remember when, but I suspect Dave can] they came out with a draft
>>proposal for X.25 level 3.  Since that would affect the TIP and I was TIP
>>czar at the time, Dave [I think] asked me to critique the proposal.
>>What it was, was HDLC kludged up to sort-of be full-duplex, but in a way
>>that could never work.  They seemed to have learned none of the lessons
>>we [ARPAnet folk] had with redoing the TELNET protocol.  I wrote a pretty
>>scathing critique that I *think* got published [was it IEEE Comm?].  I
>>believe that not long after that they withdrew the proposal...:o)   It
>>was kind of fun, but I never did get involved with it again [I was
>>already off of the relevant projects before we [BBN] put in X.25 support
>>in our systems].
>>   /Bernie\
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