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[ih] Love affairs on the very first virtual communities ?

May have to be careful on that one.  ;-)  They may still be a sensitive issue.

In the ARPANET days, I heard some rumors, but my lips are sealed.  ;-)

At 10:39 PM +0200 8/30/13, Vincent Glad wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I'm a french journalist for Les Inrockuptibles (a cultural magazine).
>I'm working on a paper about the story of the "online flirt", and 
>especially about the period before the web.
>My investigation begins in wondering if there already were love 
>affairs, on the very first virtual communities before our french 
>Minitel (such as the Community Memory, Usenet, BBS or even, why not, 
>the Arpanet)
>Have anyone already been studying this specific matter, or could 
>anyone direct me to a research worker who has been working on it ? 
>Otherwise, do you know any witness of the time who knows his topic, 
>especially a Community Memory's user ?
>Thanks in advance,
>Vincent Glad.