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[ih] Another TCP Reference Implementation

Yes, the Illinois implementation was in C.  We never used assembler 
on the PDP-11 even on the LSI-11.

Take care,

At 4:34 PM -0400 4/22/13, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>     > From: Bob Braden <braden at ISI.EDU>
>     > Herewith is my contribution.
>Very interesting! One minor observation:
>     > First, it was written in IBM assembly language, not in C.
>Actually, many of the other early implementations were in assembler.
>The one Jim Mathis did for the LSI-11 (under MOS) was definitely entirely in
>PDP-11 assembler (MACRO-11, to the precise - it's possible I still have
>listings somewhere... :-).
>Based on his recent post, this is the one that Jack Haverty ported to Unix at
>BBN, too. (I had thought it was in C, but he said otherwise.)
>I'm pretty sure the TENEX one was in PDP-10 assembler (I took a quick look
>online, and found no definite statement on the subject, but I did find some
>pieces that were in PDP-10 assembler, making it likely the whole thing
>was). The other possibility is BLISS (I think some of the ELF code for the
>first routers may have been in BLISS), but I would doubt that.
>The Multics one was in a higher-level language, but PL/I, not C. I think the
>Illinois one was the only one (of the very earliest ones) in C.
>	Noel