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[ih] Ping Eduardo A. Suárez (was Re: What is the origin of the root account?)

On 4/12/2013 4:43 PM, Eduardo A. Su?rez wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> thanks for all your contributions, it's nice to read old stories.
> I was reviewing a large number of documents on the origins of Unix, and
> the different versions that I found on this site
> http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/ and the only manual that
> calls the super user "root" is SunOS 1.1 manual from 1984. Since SunOS
> it's based on 4.1BSD and the manual of that version and the latter
> (4.3BSD, etc.) does not refer to a "root" account, I could imagine that
> "root" is the brainchild of Sun.
> But it's just my intuition because I have no internal document from Sun
> to support this assumption.

That is really interesting.  I did not discover the unix world until the 
late 1980's but I thought the name "root" was ubiquitous.  (I don't 
remember ever seeing the subject in writing, but it just now occurs to 
me that on the systems I know anything about, the default prompt is the 
user's "home" directory which often named after the account name--and 
the "home" directory for the superuser is "/" -- "root".)

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