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[ih] What is the origin of the root account?

>The "gateway" work began in the "OS/Tenex" division (Ginny Strazisar

I think the gateway stuff was happening in both BBN computer 
divisions from pretty much the beginning.
There were lots of aspects to be worked on, e.g., systems in the 
satellite earth stations, thinking about what gateways should do, 
packet radio connection via internetting, other demos of internetting 
using, etc.  Fairly early in gateway thinking (1976) there was a 
joint AFIPS presentation with authors from both divisions.  There was 
at least one BBN paper thinking about gateways a year earlier, not 
from the "OS division".

>Some of this BBN part of this history is covered in chapter 17 of the book at

Until about 1982 there certainly were two somewhat competing 
divisions within BBN (both wanted money from ARPA), but both got 
money for various things, and fairly often those things had 
intersections or overlap and there was cooperation (even if not 
always completely happily).   (After that the divisions were merged, 
which further improved intra-company cooperation.)

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