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[ih] What is the origin of the root account?

    > From: Miles Fidelman <mfidelman at meetinghouse.net>

    > Hey... don't forget ITS!

ITS was a non-factor. The ITS TCP was much later (around the time of the
cutover), and KLH (who wrote it) wasn't a key player in the early TCP/IP work.

    > I do seem to recall that Kahn and Cerf were both ARPANET program
    > managers before their TCP/IP work

I'm not so sure about that - IIRC Vint was always an academic type (UCLA,
and then Stanford) until he came to DARPA to run the TCP/IP project.

    > an awful lot of folks in this discussion were involved in both.

Except in the very earliest days (any maybe not even then), there wasn't much

Try reading the attendee lists in the Internet and TCP Working Group minutes
from the late 70s (available in IENs); there are not a lot of names there
which figure in the ARPANet work. Certainly, by the time I joined the project
in ~ '78 (i.e.  fairly early), there weren't a lot of ARPANET people left.

    > I seem to recall that the first VAXen didn't even exist until around
    > 1975. :-)

Without checking, I think it was somewhat later. MIT got an early one, but
that was around 1978.