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[ih] What is the origin of the root account?

On 4/11/2013 6:15 PM, Bernie Cosell wrote:
> One of the early plans was to get as many*DIFFERENT*  Host systems
> connected up to the ARPAnet and, of course, talking to one another.  I
> think the Sigma-7 at UCLA talking to SAIL at Stanford.  I think the only
> IBM system on the early net was a 360/67 at Rand (??).   MIT had ITS and
> Multics.  BBN had all sorts of systems: BSD's, TENEX's, assorted PDP-11
> systems.  Even the PDP-1 Exec III was an ARPAnet host..:o)

There were more IBM systems on the Arpanet. No doubt some were at the 
military sites, especially during the National Software Works effort. 
But from early on there was the 360/91 at UCLA, and I think it was a 
360/70 at UCSB.  In fact I was told that Jim White at Santa Barbara got 
his NCP kernel running before anyone else on the Arpanet...

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking