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[ih] Jerry Estrin

I forward this message from Deborah Estrin.   Rest in Peace.     Andreu
> Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012
> From: Deborah Estrin <destrin at CS.UCLA.EDU<mailto:destrin at CS.UCLA.EDU>>
> Subject: my father
> I wanted to let you know that your colleague and my father, Jerry 
> Estrin, passed away this morning just after midnight. He had a very 
> difficult last couple of months, but a truely remarkable 90 years, all 
> in all.
> He died at home next to my mother, Thelma. All three of us daughters 
> were able to spend a lot of time with him toward the end and we are so 
> relieved that he can now rest peacefully.
> I will send a more formal obituary sometime later today. 
> D.