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[ih] infrastructure history [was: who invented the Internet]


There were Internet Gateways of that period built by BBN (Ginny Strasizar), University College London (Peter Kirstein's group) and Stanford University (Vint Cerf's group).? At least the BBN and Stanford gateway projects were funded by DARPA.? I do not know which of these gateways were used at the non-BBN sites at the time of the picture you cite, and I do not believe the BBN Report provides any information.? I do know that _eventually_ all the SATNET gateways were provided by BBN.


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> While I was at my bookshelf looking at Bob's thesis, I also looked again at Abbate's book.?  It has probably already been mentioned in this thread that this would be a good book for someone to look at who wonders about how the Internet came about.? Of course, since many of her sources were people on this list, that book might be seen by the WSJ as part of promotion of a myth of government involvement in the development of the Internet.

I have found an illustration from from or less the same time as the packet-radio net, ARPANET, Satnet, etc., internetworking demo described on about page 132 of Abbate's book that shows (as I read the illustration) a 2-net internet experiment experiment using internet gateways (IGs) to partition BBN's Research Computer Center (i.e., TENEX systems) from the ARPANET with connections via the IGs to IMP 5 at BBN and to the Satellite Network (a comm link to the IG at the Clarksburg site) and thus to ARPANET via a second path (up to the satellite from Clarksburg, MD, and back down to Etam, WV, with its IG to the SDAC IMP.?  As I read the history, Tomlinson did a first implementation of TCP in TENEX (and Plummer improved its efficiency); that explains one of the above mentioned IGs.? I don't remember how the IGs at the Satellite IMPs were implemented.? I should perhaps visit BBN and take a copy of the whole Quarterly Technical Report to ARPA (in addition to
 the figure I copied a few years ago) so I know more precise details about this experiment.? I remember that various government contracts were supporting more than one early TCP implementation efforts at BBN.
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