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[ih] Packet nets not connected to the ARPAnet

Alex McKenzie <amckenzie3 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Yes, There were packet networks not connected to the ARPAnet.

That's a different question.  Were there any packet switched
internets - that is, packet-switched interconnections of
multiple administratively separate packet-switched networks
- that were not connected to the ARPAnet?  I'm not asking
about store-and-forward networks, or individual packet switched
networks under common administrative authority, since I've
heard about a number of those existing during those years.

Sorry if my question wasn't clear enough.

> There _were_ some interconnections between the public packet
> networks (Telenet in the USA, Bell Canada, and the networks of the
> PTTs in western Europe and Japan),

I actually remember using telenet a few times, but my memory is quite
vague about it.  My impression is that it didn't really connect the
networks it connected in a packet-switched manner; it was more of a
common proxy that let you get to several networks, but was a sort
of separate network itself.  You had to go to telenet explicity,
and then from it, go to some other network explicitly.  Am I
remembering accurately?
  -- Cos