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[ih] FTP Design

On Jul 1, 2012, at 10:04 AM, "Bernie Cosell" <bernie at fantasyfarm.com> wrote:
I really don't recall 
> hardly any discussion about this at the meeting [which, I admit, I only 
> vaguely recall at all].  I gather that the proposal was just accepted 
> [or, perhaps, that Dave did a lot of lobbying/arguing on my behalf that 
> I've forgotten..:o)] 
I don't remember any need to lobby or argue.  Bernie presented his idea, it obviously addressed important issues and appeared to work, and we were sent home to document the method and circulate the document.  Back at BBN, Bernie described it Burchfiel and Tomlinson of the TENEX team (between the TIP hosts and TENEXs, a lot of the host systems would be covered), and then we wrote it up.  
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