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[ih] Michael Padlipsky

One of the truly memorable characters in the history of ARPANET. Craig is
right - between the Single Malts and non-smoking tobacco, to say nothing of
 being the man who quoted John Donne in the middle of a protocol design
debate (!), Mike was one of a kind.

I am sorry to learn of his death - he now joins Jon in the Old Boys Club in
the sky.


On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 9:38 PM, Craig Milo Rogers <rogers at isi.edu> wrote:

>        Michael Padlipsky, author of "The Elements of Networking
> Style", builder of the Multics networking stack, FTP protocol
> designer, author of RFC 666 (among others), and noted field researcher
> in the domain of Single Malt Whisky, passed away this morning.  He will
> be missed.
>                                        Craig Milo Rogers
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