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[ih] Very early days of the IANA

I always thought IANA was Latin for "Jon's Notebook" :-)-O


on 2011-03-01 16:36 Craig Partridge said the following:
> Much of it is documented in the RFC series.
> Informally, the IANA came into existence around 1972, e.g.
> RFC 317 (1972) shows Jon Postel acting as numbers coordinator.
> The first "Assigned Numbers" RFC appears to be RFC 717 of July 1976.
> As to when this role was renamed "IANA", I don't know.  The first time I
> could find refering to an IANA instead of "Jon" or "Joyce" was RFC 1060
> (March 1990).  There's a three year gap from RFC 1010 (which still
> says "Joyce").
> Obviously just a starting point -- my guess is the IANA term developed
> pretty early but I have no proof.  When I arrived in 1983 the wisdom was
> simply, "ask Joyce or Jon for a number".  But there may well have been
> a DARPA (sub)contract entitled "numbers authority".
> Thanks!
> Craig

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