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[ih] New history of the Internet

Dear All,
I tried to post this last week but the list bounced my mail.
This is a message of thanks to the members of this list, and to
announce that my book 'A History of the Internet and the Digital
Future' will shortly be out.
It is to be released in the US (via University of Chicago Press) on 15
November, and in the UK (from Reaktion Books) on 20 October.
It's available for pre-order now at
Your answers to my questions, and my reading of your exchanges here,
were invaluable.
Again, thank you. I plan to remain on this list and continue to learn
from you all.

A History of the Internet and the Digital Future (my next book)
London: Reaktion, 20 September 2010
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 20 November 2010

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnnyryan1