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[ih] Origination date for the Internet

[ i really had planned to remain silent, sigh ]

> so I learned from Randy Bush about the Cisco 7500 (and maybe AGS
> before).

s/7500/7000/ as someone noted earlier.  and yes, the cix as number was
in the middle of the path.  and under-provisioning was a game played by
some, uu in particular, to pretend to be open about peering while not
really being so.

uu, psi, and later cerf and more were bilats, though the social
agreement was that it was to be a multi-lat.  ans bitched and whined,
and really tried to hold on to what they thought was an nsf-granted
monopoly.  susan estrada has not spoken to me since i publicly offered
to pay ans's $10k cix fee if they would stop whining and join.

this should all be on the com-priv list, wherever that is archived.  but
one minute with google did not find it.