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[ih] Origination date for the Internet

On Oct 28, 2010, at 1:08 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:

> Bob,
> Bob Hinden wrote:
>> I still have my "I Survived the TCP Transition 1/1/83" red button.
>> In my view this was the time when the Internet became operational as people starting using it for their day to day work, instead of a set of researchers.  Conception and birth occurred earlier :-)
> Actually, that raises another interesting question: At what point, prior to 1/1/83, if any, was there a minimal set of networks, gateways, and end systems that were passing IP packets on an ongoing basis - as opposed to being cobbled together to run some experiment or other, and then brought back down?  Can we isolate a date when IP packets started flowing and never stopped?

There was a set of operational gateways from the Arpanet to Satnet to gateways at UCL, RSRE, and NDRE, MIT, SRI, SAC, Ft. Bragg, etc.   There is a picture dated 25 Feb 1982 at:


This was started earlier, but I don't have an exact date.