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[ih] birth of the Internet?

The pup system was in operation before tcp. Assuming this was a system of
interconnected ethernets, their system would have been rather more
homogeneous at that time compared to the internet. V

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    > From: Miles Fidelman <mfidelman at meetinghouse.net>

    > I've been part of an interesting discussion, on another list, that's
    > led to the question of when the Internet was actually "born."

To me, one of two events would make sense as the official birth (and
credit to others on the list who've said something close to this, I'm
tweaking their take):

i) the first time data was successfully moved from a computer on one
network to a computer on another over TCP (no IP in the early days)


ii) the first time an actual user used the internetwork (as above) to
actually do sometime; i.e. no just simply a test - e.g. to move a file
around, or print a document, or something.

Actually, now that I think about it, the credit for the one of these
milestones probably belongs to the PARC guys, using PUP. (I don't know if
Vint's early TCP work at Stanford met i), or the PARC guys might have
that one too.)