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[ih] Some Questions over IPv4 Ownership

> > The reason you can have "direct" routing, without having to go through a
> > forwarder is that you control the DNS MX record. ?In effect that means an MX
> > record per "customer", if not per "mailbox". ?Again, that's doable today and
> > it is done today. ?The challenge is scaling that model up to a mass market.
> > ?In effect, it means an MX per user (or maybe per family). ?Yuch.
> Did anybody experimented with the "experimental" MB, MR RR's (RFC1035) ?

Yes, I did as part of the experimentation on MD and MF that lead to MX RRs.

I no longer remember what I did and my notes/emails have long since gone
away -- all I remember was wallking away thinking it was a bad idea.